Amherst Island - Non Avian Species-at-Risk

There are 9 non-avian species-at-risk that have been documented to breed and use the habitat found on Amherst Island.  According to information provided in the “Natural Heritage and Waterbody Assessments” storyboard posted on the Algonquin Power web site, fieldwork has begun in order to evaluate the impact of industrial wind turbines, and their ancillary structures, on the following species- at-risk: Bobolink, Whip-poor-Will, Least Bittern and Short Eared Owl.  Why has Algonquin Power not identified any non-avian species-at-risk as requiring fieldwork in order to evaluate the impact of industrial wind turbines on these species? 

Eastern Milksnake 

Little Brown Bat 

Monarch Butterfly 

Snapping Turtle 

Northern Bat 

Eastern Ribbonsnake 


Map Turtle 

Blanding's Turtle 


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