Amherst Island Avian Species-at-Risk

There are 24 avian species-at-risk documented to either breed on Amherst Island, or use the habitat found on the island. The Field Checklist provided by Kingston Field Naturalists lists 377 species of birds that have been identified within a 50-kilometer radius of MacDonald Park in Kingston Ontario.  A good number of these species are regularly  sighted on Amherst Island.  According to information provided in the “Natural Heritage and Waterbody Assessments” storyboard posted on the Algonquin Power web site, Algonquin Power has undertaken fieldwork to evaluate the impact of industrial wind turbines for only 4 of the 24 species-at-risk found on Amherst Island.  What is Algonquin Power's rationale for discounting the remaining 20 avian species-at-risk?  Below are pictures of the 24 avian species-at-risk found on Amherst Island and a table providing detailed information on their ranking can be accessed via the link to the right. 

Barn Swallow 

Black Tern 


Eastern Meadowlark 

Red-headed Woodpecker 

Vesper Swallow 

Short-eared Owl 


Common Nighthaw

Chimney Swift 

Canada Warbler 

Great Blue Heron 

Saw-whet Owl 

Henslow's Sparrow 

Bald Eagle 

Golden Winged Warble

Loggerhead Shrike 

Least Bittern 

Horned Grebe 

Turkey Vulture 

Olive-sided Flycatcher 

Peregrine Falcon 

Red Knot 

Golden Eagle 

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